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239 - EMAA’s new "street" course - a 2-months-course to be held at EMAA's

The European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) and its co-partner the Cyprus Chamber of Fine arts (EKATE) are hosting yet another contemporary art course, organised within the framework of the EU Grant Civil Society Strengthening Programme. The objectives of the two-month art course, which is going to be conducted by Serhat Selışık and Cristina Chvistofi, are to help participants acquaint themselves with the basics of coordination of performance arts in public spaces, such as Ledra Street. The course project designed to develop team effort and build theoretical foundation is going to be based around Ledra Steet. The project aims to generate discussions about current social, political and environmental issues and offer solutions. The art project will also deal with the relationship between contemporary art and technology, which hopefully will diminish the language barriers between the two communities. Participants will be selected from both communities and three languages will be facilitated. Starting from Monday, 2nd May, the course will be held every Monday between 17:30 and 20:30 for two months. The total number of participants will be limited. Those interested in participating, and wish for more information about the course and application process, please contact the Project Coordinator Zehra Şonya’ya at zehra.sonya@gmail.com (0533 866 30 85) and/or the Project Assistant Özgül Ezgin at ozgul.ezgin@gmail.com (0533 864 04 18) as soon as possible.

The project is funded by the European Union.

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