Heidi Trautmann

215 - Müzeyyen Yesilada – Painting exhibition in Gönyeli


By Heidi Trautmann


On the second floor of the new modern building of the Gönyeli Municipality, I found Müzeyyen Yesilada’s solo exhibition of 39 paintings, displayed on easels; what a nice idea! It was her first solo exhibition. The main theme was the female nude, pictures of women in acrylic on canvas, dreamy images of shy women with bent heads, hiding mostly, the lines diffuse, very soft colours.  “It is difficult to find models, especially to sit in the nude”, she said, “and so I had to use photographs which is not at all the same as a life model. I wish I could work with a life model.” There were some other paintings of hers displayed, some still lives and portraits in pastel which I liked very much.

The exhibition was opened by the mayor of Gönyeli, Mr Ahmet Benli, on 31 January to a good number of guests. The exhibition closed on 4 February.


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