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Oct 23 - Sidestreets in Kyrenia - Conversations on Culture

Sidestreets is finally continuing with their Sunday Talks now that the cooler season has arrived with some long expected rains.  I will see you there, Heidi



Sidestreets in Kyrenia

– Conversations on Culture #16 (Sunday, 23 October, 2011)


Venetian Architecture and Spolia in Famagusta: Pragmatic or Programmatic?”

Dr. Allan Langdale


The 16th event in Sidestreets’ “Conversations on Culture” series in Kyrenia will be the presentation “Venetian Architecture and Spolia in Famagusta: Pragmatic or Programmatic?” by Dr. Allan Langdale.


The presentation explores how the Venetians may have used architectural and sculptural artifacts from Salamis in the main square of the city of Famagusta. The presentation will focus on the triple arched gateway to the Palazzo del Proveditore, the ‘Tomb of Venus’, a sculpted bench set up along the square’s south flank, and the two free-standing columns in the cathedral square. The specific case of reused materials from Salamis will show how the Venetians reproduced not only a familiar built environment in Famagusta, their most distant colonial outpost, but also how they imbued this environment with the signs of Venetian predestination and authority. Examples from Venetian Crete will help in the interpretation of the material from Famagusta. Ultimately, the presentation addresses how the Venetians propagated the ‘Myth of Venice’ in their colonial towns.


Allan Langdale has published six articles on the art and architecture of northern Cyprus and, with Dan Frodsham, wrote, directed, and produced the award winning documentary film ‘The Stones of Famagusta: the Story of a Forgotten City’. He has just completed a guide to the archaeology and historical architecture of northern Cyprus, which will be published early in 2012. Allan has taught art history at EMU and at the University of California at Santa Cruz.


The event (presentation and full Sunday luncheon) is scheduled for Sunday, 23 October 2011 at 12:00, at Onar Village in Kyrenia. The cost of admission is 30 TL, and seats should be reserved in advance at Sidestreets, Tel: 229-3070. info@sidestreets.org, www.sidestreets.org


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