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In order to help fight against DRUGS

Mustafa Erkan is a photographer and journalist. Only one year ago he lost his young son Arda. He told me about the situation at the gates of the schools where the dealers seduce young kids and students to take drugs, even down to the age of ten years. A memorial was held to make aware the peril. 

Mustafa Erkan added 5 new photos — with Zehra Sonya and36 others.
24 minsLefkosa

uyuşturucuya karşı mücadelede bir sembol olan Arda mız için mesajları ile acılarımızı paylaşıp üzüntülerini dile getiren ve kabri başında anma etkinliğinde ARDA ile birlikte olan tüm dost, arkadaş, sevenlere ve mücadelede en büyük desteği veren basınımıza sonsuz teşekkürler. Uyuşturucuyla savaşımda “Başka Arda’lar ölmesin” sloganıyla hareket edecek. Çocuklarına bakamayan bir ülkenin ailelerin ve gençlerinin daha çok canları yanmasın diye.

The fight against drugs is a symbol of our messages in a row for sharing our pain with expressing his regrets and grave in memorial event, together with all the friends, lovers, friends, and the greatest support in the fight against who gives eternal basınımıza. Thank you. The struggle with drugs, "the other doesn't die in a row, with the slogan" to move. A country who can't support their children and youth families more...... They don't want to
Heidi Trautmann Yes, it is the fault of the adult world that we don't care more, that we don't see what is happening, it is the fault of authorities who don't do enough to build up a strong barrier between the young generation and the mad world, there is no protection. Thank you, Mustafa Erkan, for sharing your pain with the public to raise awareness about the situation in educational institutions. I will share it with others.

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