Heidi Trautmann

1058: Giovanni Pergolesi STABAT MATER Bellapais 15th International Bellapais Music Festival

By Heidi Trautmann


Soloists: Soprano Irem Kirgiz, Alto Elif Canbazoğlu

Ancora Ensemble:

Menevşe Aydoğlu (Violin) Tangör Ertaş (Violin), Murat Cangal (Viola) Ibrahim Aydoğdu (Cello; Hazer Özlü (Double Bass)


Another highlight of this year’s Bellapais Music Festival, at least for me,  it was my birthday. Thank you, Halil Kalgay, you could not have chosen better. I love Barock music, it is pure.  Pergolesi has accompanied me since my young years most probably because he has created such music in this short time of his life (1710-1736); he died of tuberculosis and the Stabat Mater he had composed in the final weeks before his death. It is composed for soprano, alto, violin I and II, viola and basso continuo (cello and organ). Stabat Mater is divided into 12 movements.


"Stabat Mater Dolorosa", Grave, F minor, common time; duet

"Cujus animam gementem", Andante amoroso, C minor, 3/8; soprano aria

"O quam tristis et afflicta", Larghetto, G minor, common time; duet

"Quae moerebat et dolebat", Allegro, E-flat major, 2/4; alto aria

"Quis est homo", Largo, C minor, common time; duet

—"Pro peccatis suae gentis", Allegro, C minor, 6/8

"Vidit suum dulcem natum", Tempo giusto, F minor, common time; soprano aria

"Eja mater fons amoris", Andantino, C minor, 3/8; alto aria

"Fac ut ardeat cor meum", Allegro, G minor, cut common time; duet

"Sancta mater, istud agas", Tempo giusto, E-flat major, common time; duet

"Fac ut portem Christi mortem", Largo, G minor, common time; alto aria

"Inflammatus et accensus", Allegro ma non troppo, B-flat major, common time; duet

"Quando corpus morietur", Largo assai, F minor, common time; duet

—"Amen..." Presto assai, F minor, cut common time


The audience responded gratefully with standing ovations and the evening ended with the repetition of the 12th movement and… when you go home then, you feel peace and nothing matters anymore for the moment but this beautiful music so well performed.

Photo taken by Fikri Toros
Photo taken by Fikri Toros


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