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15 - Help for the kid Ismail

John Bancroft is 72 years old. He will perform one hour of press ups at Kocareis Restaurant on June 2 at 12.30pm to raise money for a little boy who lost his left arm. Ismail karadağ is 5 and came to TRNC with his family from Altinöz in Hatay Turkey when his father Cemal found a job in a bakery in Beyarmurdu. Last year ismail tried to get some dough from the mixer at his dad's workplace and lost his left arm. The family were desperate until their story was published in Cyprus Today.  One charity event at Pia Bella raised 6,500 TL for a new prosthetic arm.
If you would like to sponsor John or come along and watch please phone for details or visit pressupsforismail on facebook

Anne Canalp
0533 861 2397

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