Heidi Trautmann

759: ‘Would you not like to marry my daughter?’ Çatalköy Tiyatro SU – 5th Beşparmak Theatre Festival

By Heidi Trautmann

Within the framework of the 5th Beşparmak Theatre Festival organised by Derman Atik as the Cultural Director of the Çatalköy Municipality we had again the opportunity to watch Cypriot theatre groups play, this year including the Limbia Theatre from the South of Cyprus, a place I have visited years ago with Derman Atik and his theatre group, and also one from Turkey the Konya State Theatre. The event has become very successful and I recognise some new groups that have not participated before, especially since Tiyatro SU has a theatre building of its own, opened only last year. It used to be the old cinema of the village. What an achievement! This is also thanks to the understanding and culture minded young mayor Mehmet Hulusioğlu. However, we had equally enjoyable theatre evenings in the old Dedeman tents in Çatalköy before the cinema building was renovated.

 A comedy written by Muzzafer Izgü and directed by Ilkşen Varoğlu Atik, Derman’s wife who has gone along with the theatre with him and has shared his passion, not only in matters of organisation but also on stage acting and now as the director of this funny play, that is as if torn from true life. A mother whose husband has died has only one goal left in her life that is marrying her daughter off and she invents all sorts of tricks to get there. The daughter is over 40 and refuses to be manipulated. Around this background we hear dialogues that sent the audience to explode with laughs. Emine Gürcağ was a fantastic Mom, very convincing and the daughter played by Nezahet Sözerim plays all tricks from the overworked employee to seducing vamp to get out of the trap. The gentlemen showing up for this purpose are played by Soner Eminağa, Evren Mercimekci and Haluk Ramon Serhun,

The two performances on 26 and 27 March were fully booked out , also the Mayor of Girne, Nidai Güngördü, had come to pay his respects. On special demand, I have heard, the play will be repeated on April 03. Tickets are available at the Municipality. See the poster for details.



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