Heidi Trautmann

835 - AŞK GREVI / Love Strike – A cooperation of Çatalköy and Girne Theatres -

To hit the warriors where it hurts most......


By Heidi Trautmann


‘Peace will be the product of common sense’ – that is the platform of political wisdom  the recent play ‘AŞK GREVI’ was brought on stage by the two theatre groups GIBETSU and TIYATRO SU.

A musical comedy by the playwright Savaş Aykılıç and directed by T. Murat Demirbaş with the support of Derman Atik.

Derman Atik,  the man who has founded both theatre groups and has with great discipline led them through stages of problems and success. A man who promotes not only theatre but also culture in its wide aspects because he knows that art and culture is the most important tool of education and the only platform where society can grow and survive.

The recent play ‘AŞK GREVI’ could not have been brought out at a better time than now with billions of women uprising peacefully in February – dancing and singing - worldwide for peace and a better life in their homes; the common link is the uprising of women to reach their deepest wish for peace in society.

The play is based on Aristophanes’ ‘Lysistrata’ who by the same means of refusing what the men/warriors hurts most, has forced Greece and Sparta to drop weapons and make peace.

Derman Atik acts as the Master of Ceremony and introduces us to the weaknesses of humanity over the centuries, starting with the cavemen. Alas, men try to find their solutions through fights and war which produces again hate and problems. 

So, the women – as hard it is for many – use their power successfully to break the combative nature in the male to restore peace in house and country.

A successful evening with all the attributes of a musical comedy, with songs and dances the Cypriots all know and the audience went with them clapping their hands and singing along. A joyful evening, with the actors involving the audience, walking through the aisles, acting in front of the stage thus widening the stage meaning…..it concerns us all.

There were altogether four performances, all full up to the roof, and many hope that there will be other opportunities to see this comedy about a most serious cause.

Click on the poster to read the names of the cast. If you want to learn more visit facebook of Derman Atik or one of the Belediyes. 

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