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2) Literature

Writers and Poets – Association: ‘Turkish Cypriot Artists and Writers Union’
-The Turkish Cypriot Artists and Writers Union, President and CONTACT: neseyasin@hotmail.com

The World of the Written Word – Poetry – Prose – Research Writing
-Zeki Ali: Poetry
-Feriha Altiok: Poetry
-Kenan Atakol: Research Writer
-Neriman Cahit : Poetry and research writing
-Ayşen Dağlı : Poetry
-Servet Dedecay : Research writing
-Orbay Delirceirmak : Poetry
-Fikret Demirağ : Poetry
-Harid Fedai : Research, translating Ottoman books, poetry
-Gür Genç : Poetry
-Mustafa Gökçeoğlu : Research, dictionaries, poetry
-Mehmet Kansu : Poetry and short stories
-Bekir Kara : novels and playwright
-Aydin Mehmetali: Poetry and short stories and essays
-Filiz Naldöven: poetry and playwright
-Ali Nesim: research writing, legends, short stories
-Tamer Öncül: Poetry
-Faize Özdemiciler: Poetry and essays
-Rasit Pertev: Poetry
-Beste Sakallı – Poetry
-Jenan Selcuk: Poetry
-Vamik Volkan: Research writing
-Neşe Yaşın: Poetry
-Mehmet Yaşın : Poetry
-Alev Adil: Poetry
-Ridvan Artifioglu: Poetry

- Some poetry books are written in English; there are some anthologies in English, one even in German; there is a ‘Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature’ (8 books) incl. poetry. If you are interested, the local bookstores will gladly advise you.

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