Heidi Trautmann

Cyprus’ Birds find lovely Homes in four Villages

By Heidi Trautmann

In these unpleasant and hard pandemic times it is really heartwarming to follow the photo stories of children building and painting bird houses and installing them together with their parents in the trees of their garden. It is one part of the nature conservation campaign initiated by ÇADER in Çatalköy, the contents of which are very well explained by my friends and colleagues of Cyprusscene under this link…


Now, ÇADER has published a big poster to thank all those who have participated in the bird house campaign and it is such a positive momentum in our tired and pandemic-stricken society that I want to share it. I spoke to Irene Raab-Marancos, the project leader:

“It is important to make people aware that especially now we should not forget our environment who is suffering just as much as we.  Our project met with open doors in four villages, and about 130 families were eager to install the bird houses in their garden. It is all about raising awareness for our immediate environment and its living beings, and to simultaneously learn more about local and migrant birds and to have the opportunity to watch nature’s microcosmos.

Contact ÇADER if you are interested to learn more about the campaign. They can be found  on facebook.

There is nothing more beautiful in the morning than to step outside into your garden and hear the birds sing their welcome song to the day.



Thank you Poster Bird House Project - [publicationlogosposterfinal.pdf]

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