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My readers in North Cyprus will have realised that I have stopped writing for Cyprus Observer. This is due to merely private reasons, one of them being my new book that is hopefully coming out soon.

My book ‘Art and Creativity in North Cyprus – Volume II – with an eye on Literature and Theatre, and also including an Addendum to Volume I – that is an Update on the Visual Artists – has just been proof read both in English and Turkish and will now be handed over to a graphic designer for the layout.

While this is happening, I will have to undergo an operation on Oct 21 and will not be able to attend any cultural events in Cyprus for a while but I will continue to keep my website updated - according to the news I am getting via email - from the Rehabilitation Centre in beautiful Bavaria. Do not forget me and the arts in Cyprus!


Greetings, and see you soon

Heidi Trautmann


Here a short glimpse into the Table of Contents to wet your appetite….


ART AND CREATIVITY IN NORTH CYPRUS, a book of about 650 pages


Table of Contents  / Içindekiler

Prologue / Önsöz: Once upon a time in Nicosia / Bir zamanlar Lefkoşa’da


Chapter I  / Bölum I

1.1 The World of the Written Word – Poetry – Prose – Research Writing / Edebiyat Dünyası – Şiir – Düzyazı – Araştırma Yazıları

1.2 The Turkish Cypriot Artists and Writers Union /Kıbrıs Türk Sanatçı ve Yazarlar Birliği

1.2.1 My reviews on poetry events organized by the Turkish Cypriot Artists and Writers Union as from 2009 / 2009 yılından bu yana Kıbrıs Türk Sanatçı ve Yazarlar Birliği tarafından düzenlenen şiir etkinlikleri

1.2.2 Introduction to some Greek Cypriot Poets cooperating with the Turkish Cypriot Artists’

and Writers Union /

Kıbrıs Türk Sanatçılar ve Yazarlar Birliği ile işbirliği yapan bazı Kıbrıslı Rum şairlerin tanıtımı

1.3Turkish Cypriot Institutions of the Written Word:  National Library and Public Libraries and the National Archive /

Edebiyat Dünyası Çevresindeki Kıbrıs Türk Kurumları: Milli Kütüphane, Halk Kütüphaneleri ve Milli Arşiv


Chapter II –/ Bölüm II

The World of Theatre – Professional, Amateur and Shadow Theatre

Tiyatro Dünyası-Profesyönel, Amatör ve Gölge Tiyatrosu

1.My Observations on Theatre

2.A Brief History of Turkish Cypriot Theatre by Yaşar Ersoy

3. Professional Theatres / Kuzey Kıbrıs’ta Profesyönel Tiyatro

3.1 Turkish Cypriot State Theatre / Kıbrıs Türk Devlet Tiyatroları

3.2 Nicosia Municipality Theatre / Lefkoşa Belediye Tiyatrosu - LBT

4. Private and Amateur Theatres / Özel ve Amatör Tiyatrolar

4.1 Catalköy Municipality Theatre - Tiyatro SU Çatalköy Belediye Tiyatrosu

4.2 Güzelyurt Municipality Theatre / Güzelyurt Belediye Tiyatrosu

4.3 English speaking amateur theatres / İngilizce Konuşulan Amatör Tiyatrolar

4.3.1KADS: Kyrenia Amateur Drama Society - KADS / Girne Amatör Tiyatrocular Derneği

4.3.2 Theatre Lambousa and Lambousa Choir (today RBL) / Lambousa Tiyatrosu ve Korosu (bugunkü RBL)

5. The Turkish and Turkish Cypriot Karagöz Shadow Theatre / Geleneksel Türk ve Kıbrıslı Türk Gölge Tiyatrosu, “Karagöz”


Chapter III – Addendum to Volume I / Bölüm III – Cilt 1’e ek

1. The World of Caricature / Karikatür Dünyası

2. Visual Arts 3. Ceramic arts 4. Photography /

Görsel Sanatçılar – 3. Seramik Sanatları – 4. Fotoğraf

3. Ceramic arts / Seramik Sanatları

4. Photography - Fotoğrafçılık

5. Emaa (European Mediterranean Art Association – Updating  / EMAA Akdeniz-Avrupa Sanat Derneği- Güncelleme

6. Art Activities at some Universities in the TRNC /

KKTC Üniversitelerindeki Sanat Faaliyetleri


Epilogue / Sonsöz


Cover of Volume II - Draft
Cover of Volume II - Draft

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