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317 - Aftermath - an exhibition probing into the relationship memory and evil

Another event organised by curator Basak Senova who we remember from the project UNCOVERED, this time in Istanbul in which Özgül Ezgin and Zehra Sonya from North Cyprus are taking part.




 14 March - 28 April, 2012

Akbank Art Center




Akbank Art Center is pleased to present the exhibition "Aftermath" with works by Adel Abidin, Almagul Menlibayeva, Ayman Yossri Daydban, Bahar Behbahani, Ceren Oykut, Constantinos Taliotis, Ipek Duben, Özgül Ezgin, Rheim Alkadhi and Yane Calovski. Curated by Basak Senova, Aftermath aims to penetrate the relationship between the concepts of memory and evil. In the same vein, the content of the exhibition probes into the tension between the forgotten realities and things one desires to sink into oblivion; between collective dementia and personal stories –whose plots are being generated every time they are told; and ultimately between justifications and reckonings with the past.


By departing from the act of questioning,  Aftermath inhabits works that investigate and produce psychological situations, as well as works rendering social and political realities. The exhibition was designed to address the tidal situation between "to forget" and "not to forget". Each work in the exhibition processes various perceptive dimensions of "evil", while the key common point of the works in the exhibition is the use of symbolism. In this respect, all of the works allow the viewer to perceive them in multiple levels and layers. The viewer is always subject to becoming an active participant of the situations that the works address.


Each work in the exhibition claims its own territory by challenging the medium/media which it works through; hence, all the works are presented as spatial installations. The gallery space is physically totally covered by the works.


Aftermath is accompanied by a book, edited by Basak Senova, which functions as a critical guide to the exhibition. The book observes the works with a wide range of perspectives by writers, critics, and curators such as Andreas Vrahimis, Cathy Bryd, Ece Pazarbaşı, Doris Chon, Lewis Johnson, Maia Damianovic, Rijin Sahakian, Robert Kluijver and Zehra Şonya.



Akbank Art Center opening hours
Tuesday-Saturday 10.30–19.30 hrs


For further information, please contact:

Akbank Art Center

Istiklal Cad. No. 8  
Beyoglu / Istanbul, Turkey
T: +90 212 252 3500
E: akbanksanat@akbank.com



Yane Calovski "Tommy Rot (the sublime violence of truth)", 2002-2012.


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