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Dear friends, I have commented on last year's competition and exhibition on my website and in ZOOM Magazine. Search for it. There were really high class photographs handed into the competition. Read the conditions, there are no restrictions, you must be resident in Cyprus. Good luck, Heidi


This organization is being held in tribute to the late businessman, journalist and photographer Oztan Ozatay who played a major role in the development of Turkish Cypriot photography and who died aged 59 in 2008.


This year we not only intend to commemorate Oztan Ozatay and contribute to the art of photograph but to embark on a social responsibility project as well. We intend to do this by providing the Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Children with Leukaemia and Fight Against Cancer with material help.


Each participant will be able to participate in this competition by paying 10 TL in return for the receipt of the Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Children with Leukaemia and Fight Against Cancer.


In addition 70% of the cost of each photograph sold in the exhibition will be given to the owner of the photograph where the remaining 30% will be given to the Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Children with Leukaemia and Fight Against Cancer.


The fourth of Oztan Ozatay Photograph Competition and Exhibition will take place between 27March - 4April 2012 at the Ataturk Cultural Center in Nicosia.


Contact numbers and addresses for information and application:


 Ozatay Photography:      Girne Caddesi No: 55 Nicosia

                                            Tel: 227 4500 – 227 4779

                                            Buket Özatay – 0533 868 9990




Ozatay Photography:       Hacı Ali Apt. Öğretmenler Caddesi, Nicosia

                                            Tel: 223 8968 – 223 8969

Özhan Özatay – 0533 844 4546    ozhanozatay@hotmail.com


www.facebook.com / ÖZTAN ÖZATAY Geleneksel Fotoğraf Yarışması Sergisi

Information, specifications and sample C.V.’s can be found here.

www.facebook.com / Özatay Fotoğrafçılık


Relevant specifications are attached


Buket Özatay








a)In order to be able to participate in this activity, it is mandatory to be older than 17 years of age and either be a citizen of TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), or have residency, work permit or student identification card.

b) The competition will be held in 3 categories

1- Colour        2- Black& white         3- Underwater Photography

Participants are free to submit entries in just one category as well as in two or three categories.

c) In the colour category the subject is free.

Participants may submit between three and seven colour prints.

d) In the black and white (monochrome) category the subject is free.

Participants may submit between two and five black and white (monochrome) prints.

e) Underwater photography; participants may submit between two and seven prints.

f) Printings must be on original photographic paper. Photocopies or similar material will not be accepted.

g) Photographs can be manipulated with whatever method or technic (digital etc.) but in the final product photographic features must weight heavily.

h) The short side of the prints must be at least 25cm

i) The photographs will be submitted in frames (preferably without glass) or as photo blocks, and they must be ready to be exhibited. The hangers must be attached at the back of the photographs.

j) The work which includes more than one print designed in a frame will be considered as one product.

k) Award-winning photographs in the contests held in TRNC, as well as entries which were on display in any exhibition in the TRNC in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 will not be permitted.

l) Award winning works of art will be turned over to Ozatay Photography. Ozatay Photography reserves the right to use these photographs for non-commercial purposes provided that it specifies the name of the photographers. The copyright of the photographs belongs to the photographers.

m) The photographs which the selection committee does not find worthy of inclusion in the exhibition will be returned to the participants immediately. The photographs which the jury finds worthy of inclusion in the exhibition will be turned over to the participants 2 days after the exhibition ends.

n) Özatay Photography cannot be held responsible for the photographs which are not claimed within one month from the end of the exhibition.

o) Each participant must turn in their photographs together with CD’s on which they will record their high resolution photographs (resolution 300 dpi – pixel/inch). The photographs will not be accepted without CD’s.

p) There must be no names, labels or signs on anywhere of the photographs indicating the identity of the participant. On the label attached to the back of the photograph, the participant must write a pseudonym consisting of 7 digits (please do not use letters) ant the name of the photograph. Participants must use only one pseudonym for the photographs they send. The pseudonym should be written on a closed envelope and inside the envelope should be the information listed below:

1- The name, sir name, home phone number, work phone number, mobile number and e-mail addresses of the participants.

2- A CV not to exceed half of an A4 paper to be based on date, event, and to include the education, profession and photography of the participant (must be written in Word file and recorded on the CD).

CV’s exceeding half of an A4 paper will be abbreviated.




1972                Born in Nicosia

1994                Graduated from EMU with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration

1996                Obtained an MBA degree from the University of London

1997-2011      worked as a faculty member at the Near East University

1998-2000      Participation at the State Photograph Competition and Exhibition

2001                Winning prize at the 17th State Photograph Competition and Exhibition

2009                Participation at the 1st Oztan Ozatay Photograph Competition and Exhibition

2010                Winning prize at the 2nd Oztan Ozatay Photograph Competition and Exhibition


3- TRNC identity card, the photocopies of TRNC resident permit, work permit or valid student identify card (front and backside).


The photographs not meeting the criteria will be disqualified.



            The jurors will be announced through press 15 (fifteen) days prior to the deadline.



            Those photographs winning prize and those selected for exhibition will be announced through press.



            I) Colour Category                            ACHIEVEMENT AWARD

Canon EOS 600D (with 18/55 is lens)

Digital Camera

                                                                       Oztan Ozatay Special Award


            II) Black&White Category                ACHIEVEMENT AWARD

(Monochrome)                        Canon EOS 1100D (with 18/55 is lens)

                                               Digital Camera

                                                                       Ozatay Photography Special Award


            III) Underwater Photography                       ACHIEVEMENT AWARD

                                                                       Canon Powershot G12 Digital Camera

                                                                       Kemal Saraçoğlu Special Award




            The photographs in the contest together with the envelopes with pseudonym (containing the information of the participant) should be handed in to the address indicated in the first page by February 9th 2011 at the latest and during office hours

            (6 work days) in return for a receipt.





Oztan Ozatay who has left his mark on Turkish Cypriot professional photography was born on November 21st 1949 in Agıos  Ioannıs village of Paphos. He completed his elementary education in Agıos  Ioannıs, secondary education at Bayraktar secondary school and High school education at Haydarpasa Commerce School. Upon his arrival at Nicosia to attend secondary school, at the age of  13,  Ozatay sets his foot into the world of photography by starting to work as an apprentice for the famous Armenian photographer Arto Tilbian. In the following years, he is to play a major role in the development of Turkish Cypriot Photography.  At first he works as an errand-boy for his mentor. But after having discovered his interest in photography, he buys his first camera from his boss and starts taking photographs. He goes to school in the mornings, works for Tilbian in the afternoon and serves in the army at nights.


During his teenage years Ozatay starts to take an interest in photograph and photography and his amateur efforts turn into professionalism when he starts to work as a wedding and club photographer  at hospitals, weddings and organizations after school.  During 1968-1975 he works at Nicosia Mental Hospital as a nurse. In addition, during 1974-1978 he works at the daily Zaman newpaper as a photo correspondent and chief of sports page. Ozatay, who learnt the fundemental knowledge and experience of photography from Tilbian serves for a short period as a public employee in the courts after the war in 1974. These are the years when shortage and poverty prevail in Cyprus and Ozatay continues to take photos as a  wandering photographer. During his apprenticeship under Tilbian, Ozatay gains valuable experience over colourful photography. During his debut as a wandering photographer he takes photographs and developes them in the dark room he builds in his house.


Ozatay continues to work as a sequestration officer in the courts from 1975 till the October of 1978, but always dreams about setting up his own studio. In a country where being a public officer is regarded very highly, the business-minded Ozatay resigns from his job as a sequestration officer and makes his debut in the business world as a dynamic entrepreneur achieving instant success.


Ozatay & Co. was founded in the february of 1978 by Oztan Ozatay as a small photo shop and studio. He worked at this studio untill 1982 which was located in Nicosia by Sehitler Abidesi. By 2005 he had established a chain of five, which he ran with his five, daughter and sons: In 1982 Vakıflar Pasajı, In 1987 Marmara Bolgesi, In 1995 Girne Caddesi, in 2002 Taskinkoy and in 2005 Kermiya


In mid 1980’s he developed his business by starting to diverse in the field of electronics besides photography. In addition, he was the first person to bring video to the TRNC and in 1983 he opened the first video club.


Oztan Ozatay worked actively until June 2006 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. On February 5th 2008 he lost the battle against cancer and died at age of 59. Ozatay who had married to Feryal Ozatay in 1970, is survived by three children named Buket, Ozfer and Ozhan.


Currently Ozatay & Co. Ltd. operates in Northern Cyprus in the fields of Photo-Video-Digital-Electronics. Ozatay’s children have been continuing their father’s business tradition since 1995 by keeping up with contemporary technological developments.



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