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Writing Nicosia… beyond barriers


Street Workshops


4 – 31 October 2014



Come join us! Let’s write Nicosia… beyond barriers… into literature. Become part of a historical moment. Capture Nicosia as she lives, breathes, suffers, laughs and takes care of us, wherever we have come from… We are a group of award-winning writers, poets, photographers, artists and more… You don’t need to be a writer. The passion to say something about this city is enough…


A selection of landmarks will be used to provoke deeper readings, imaginings, interpretations, reflections, memories, fantasies, perhaps already in the palimpsest (the treasure) of the city. New creative writing (treasures) by participants will contribute to the existing palimpsest. Nicosia landmarks will be eternalised in the Anglophone literatures of Cyprus.


Groups will be limited to ten participants, and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  They will be free. Bring a passport or identity card, comfortable walking shoes, and writing materials.  For further information, please 'like' and 'follow' Literary Agency Cyprus on Facebook, or contact us at literaryagencycyprus@gmail.com



Week I:    Saturday, 4th October; 16.30 – 19.30 (women only). Facilitator: RACHAEL PETTUS.  Guest: Lisa Suhair Majaj



Week II:    Friday, 10th October;  18.00 – 21.00 (mixed group). Facilitator:   MARILENA  ZACKHEOS. Guest: Marios Epaminondas



Week III:   Wednesday, 15th October; 13.30 – 16.30  (mixed group). Facilitator: STEPHANOS STEPHANIDES. Guest: Aydın Mehmet Ali



Week IV:   Friday, 24th October; 21.00 – 24.00 (women only, night walk). Facilitator: AYDIN MEHMET ALI.  Guests: Münevver Özgür and  Agnieszka Rakoczy



Week V:    Friday, 31st October; 16.00 – 19.00 (mixed group). Facilitator: NICOLETTA DEMETRIOU



Part of the Treasure Island Exhibition, NiMAC. September 26 – November 8, 2014



Find the programme of this exciting workshop LAC has created for October. If you are interested, contact them and find out more. Writing as an adventure.

Here some photos of the first two workshop weeks. As Aydin Mehmet Ali, the initiator, has described to me, the group has walked around Nicosia, discussed and explained on the way points of interest, the appointed fascilitator told of situations of former times that happened there, but had all members inhale the atmosphere and draw their own conclusions. At each halt they would sit down and write their impressions down for about twenty minutes. At the end of the walk, about after three hours they would talk about it and read their lines, be it a poem or a mystery story.

LAC also has a facebook site.

Should you be part of such an adventure let me know I am prepared to publish your story, the one on the site and what you make out of it later!


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