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October 6th , 2010


Press Release




OCTOBER 19-25, 2010


Pioneering Artistic Creation

And Academic Specialization



The ARTos Foundation, co-organizes the XVII Paris Biennale in Nicosia with the Biennale de Paris Organization. The Biennale is sponsored mainly by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and it will take place in Nicosia in October 2010.     


The previous Biennale de Paris took place in 2006-08 and happened in parallel in 22 countries.  The XVII Biennale will also follow this course over the next two years, as it travels to various cities in the world.    





In the context of the XVII Biennale, will be included a Conference, Round Table Discussion and the presentation of 6 International Projects. 




The Conference will take place on October 21st at the ARTos Foundation with the participation of top linguists, artists and art critics from Europe and Cyprus.  The Conference is entitled «Reinventing the Terminology of Art» and it aims at   broadening the definition of new terminologies in Contemporary Art on a theoretical, philosophical and practical level, taking into account the new tendencies that run through contemporary artistic creation.   


The Program of the conference will include speeches on the topic of the Conference, moreover there will be short presentations of the artists who will present the actions during the 17th Biennale. 


The Speeches are the following:  


Geneviève Breerette

Art critic.

President of the French section of the international Association of Art Critics.

Former contributor of French daily newspaper “Le Monde”.

Title of Speech: Art by terminology


Loïc Depecker



President founder of the French terminology Company.

Secretary-General of Realiter (pan Latin network in terminology),

University of  Sorbonne-nouvelle-Paris III-CRETTAL-LILLA.

Title of Speech: Terminology and reality


Jean-Baptiste Farkas


Professor at the Fine Art School in La Reunion.

Has created two identities with which he is still performing today:

Ikhéa (1998, became Ikhéa©services in 2004) and Glitch, much more

less! (2002).

Initiator of the Paris Biennale Friends Association (2006).

Title of Speech: Acting as if a different scale of values was already in place


Alexandre Gurita

Art Strategist.

Director of the Paris Biennale since 2000

Reflections associated with his practice: Art is a sufficient reason in itself

to do without it. The object of art is the modification of the idea art. Art is the art of art.

Title of Speech: The Paris Biennale: a strategy serving dissident practices in mainstream art.


Caroline Keppi-Gurita

Assistant officer at the Paris Biennale.

In charge of the project “Re/invent the terminology of art”.


Ghislain Mollet-Viéville

Art agent.

Art critic.

Art Collector.

Expert adviser, Expert with the Paris Court of justice.

Title of Speech: Art relieved of the idea of art would be quite an art


Achilleas Kentonis

Artist. Researcher

Founder and Artistic Director of the ARTos Foundation

Title of Speech: Data Cities / Meta-environments



The Conference is open to the public. 

Working Languages: English / French

Hours: 17:00 – 21:00



Round Table Discussion


The Round Table Discussion will take place on October 22nd at the ARTos Foundation with the participation of the Conference participants, as well as a selected group of Cypriot artists and scientists.  


The Discussion is NOT open to the public. 


After the end of the Round Table Discussion, the participants of the 17th Paris Biennale will partake in the party organized at the new French Cultural Center (CCF), at Vasilissis Amaliaw 3 in Ayios Andreas, celebrating the opening of the new center.  During the event, the French choir "Odyssées" and the accordion player Nenad Bogdanovic will be making an appearance.  The CCF is one of the local partners of the 17th Paris Biennale in Nicosia. 



International Projects


In the context of the creation of immaterial art, four pioneering international artists have been invited to show their work during the biennale in Nicosia.  These are:


Name of Artist




Jean Baptiste Farkas

20 October

IKH(S).No. 6*

ARTos Foundation

Paul Robert

23 October

The Runner

Irene Hall, Ledras Street

Ricardo Mbarkho

20-24 October

National Lebanese Tabooleh Day

ARTos Foundation

Patrizio Travagli

20-25 October

Talking Bulbheads

Irene Hall, Ledras Street

Cyprus Project

23 October

Imbalanced Echoing: Accidental private feedback


 Irene Hall, Ledras Street









Parallel events (off Biennale) will take place in Nicosia during the months of October and November, with the involvement of Cypriot artists, scientists, curators, etc.  The purpose is the promotion of Cypriot creation and to create a dynamic in Cyprus.



For more information, please visit:















The 17th Biennale De Paris in Nicosia, is supported by many local and international partners:  

  • Ministry of Education and Culture (Cyprus),
  • Nicosia Municipality
  • Paris Municipality
  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • Cyprus Airways
  • Ministry of Education and Culture of France (Division of the French Language and Languages)
  • French Cultural Institute (Cyprus)
  • International Francophonie
  • International Art Critics Association

And other organizations

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