Heidi Trautmann

887 : Night Birds – Erdal Aygenç – Art Exhibition at the ArtRooms in Girne

By Heidi Trautmann


Many stories have been told about the crows, in children books, fantasy novels, poetry…we know them as very intelligent.  People say, they remember faces, so never harm any of them because they can hold a grudge for a long time. In legends they carry the face of death, of bad omen and are the companions of witches and wizards; They seek the vicinity of humans, they are sort of followers of culture. All this I know but I have never seen before an art exhibition entirely dedicated to this bird.

Night Birds….. I asked the artist Erdal Aygenç ….why Night Birds, as far as I know the crow is active during the day, coming to steal the cat’s food, drink water from your pool, but they don’t work at night. They are night birds because they were created in the night hours; I, the artist, am the night bird.

The entire project reminds me of the old philosophy of Asian art and artists to dedicate one’s life to study nature, a tree, flowers, in numberless paintings which comes very close to my philosophy: If you want to paint a chair you must become one.

Erdal Aygenç has studied the birds, observed them in their movements  and behaviour  on the ground, as a single bird with the light shining through its plumage - so we are aware that it is a being of the airs - the eager eye always watchful, curious of its surroundings; as a member of a group of birds, their interactions….. they have a mischievous attitude in the artistic presentation.

The red logo of the artist’s signature is part of the game, something the bird picks at, as a counter balance to the moon; the moon being an important symbol in Erdal’s life, being a night worker and also being reflected in his name ‘Aygenç’ which means ‘young moon’.  This is another story for a series, he said.

Poems written with a brush. Painted poems dedicated to this bird in black, blue, soft grey, in ink and water colour. Poetry friends have added their poetic thoughts written on the walls of the exhibition rooms, the ArtRooms, Zeki Ali, Tamer Öncül, Gürgenç and Ümit Inatçı.

The art director of the ArtRooms, Oya Silbery, has again proven her professionalism, her sensitivity in preparing the show and in the design of the catalogue. It is always a deep pleasure to visit the place.

The exhibition will be shown until 3 October; viewing times are from midday until midnight in accordance with the hours of The House Restaurant.



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