Heidi Trautmann

271 - Our Peace Elephants from Berlin to Auschwitz

By Heidi Trautmann

What has happened to the Peace Elephants which came visiting us two years ago for exhibitions on both sides of Nicosia, many will ask; I have news from Rosemarie Gnausch, the organizer: The peace elephants are on their way from Cologne – Berlin to Auschwitz in Poland to be present at the inauguration of the new library. On the photo you will perhaps recognize some of the Cyprus elephants who stood at the Lokmaci Crossing, an event which was supported by the Goethe-Zentrum and welcomed by the Mayors of Nicosia.

The elephants will be carrying books to the new library, books donated by supporters – schoolchildren or just friends of the cause. What a lovely idea. The next station will be Nuremberg and another project in the near future is Israel. May the elephants bring peace to our world!

I’ll keep you informed.


On the photo: in front of the library building is the Mayor of Auschwitz, Mr Marszalek and staff, the Director of the library and the Vice President of the Elephants for Peace Community e.V. Mrs Andrea Horstmann-Osterloh with the Peace Elephants from Cyprus and Schengen arriving first.

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