Heidi Trautmann

Nov 26-30 - Climate Change: A Challenge for Europe and Cyprus



The second Conference on Sustainability of the German-Cypriot Forum

in Cooperation with Friends of Nature Cyprus

27 - 29th November 2009

at Goethe Center Nicosia


Conference Language: English



Preliminary Programme


Friday, November 27th


Opening:       Eckart Kuhlwein, Chairman of the German-Cypriot Forum



Panel I      The EU Climate and Energy Policy


               Chair: Dr. Engin Karatas, DZF

14:00      Introduction

Mechtild Rothe (former MEP), General Introduction – Targets and Implementation in the European Union

               Questions and Discussion


16:00      Climate Policy in Cyprus

         Ali Korakan, President of Renewable Energy Association

         Ayşe Tokel, President of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers

         Anthi Charalambous, Cyprus Energy Agency (asked)


               * Coffee break *



Panel II      Possibilities for Renewable Energies in Cyprus


               Chair: Eckart Kuhlwein, DZF 

17:30      Introduction

               Dr. Hermann Scheer MdB, Winner of the Right Livelihood Award

               Sun Island Cyprus – A Model for Renewable Energies in Europe


18:15      Panel Discussion on the issue

  Dr. Hermann Scheer

  Prof. Manfred Lange, The Cyprus Institute

  Prof. Doğan Şahir, Sustainable Environment Platform

  Solon Kasinis, Cyprus Energy Institute (asked)

Saturday, November 28th


Panel III      Water Management in Cyprus and the EU Water Framework Directive


09:30      Chair: Dr. Christoph Ramm, DZF 


   Michael Bender, Grüne Liga, Water Expert of the German Environmental League

   Nevzat Oznel, Nicosia Turkish Municipality

   Ibrahim Alkan, Chamber of Environmental Engineers

   Pantelis Sophocleous, Water Supply Engineer


12:00    Presentation of a Greenline Project by Anna Grichting, University of Cambridge


               * Lunch *



Panel IV      The Cypriot Contribution to Natura 2000 and its Links to international Nature   

                      Conservation and Climate Change


               Chair: Mehveş Beyidoğlu, Friends of Nature Cyprus

14:00      Speakers:

   Dr. Horst Korn, German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

  Dr. Clairie Papazoglou, Birdlife Cyprus

  Dr. Iris Charalambidou, Ornithologist and Expert for Natura 2000-Regions in the RoC    

   Dr. Özge Özden, Biologist and Expert for Natura 2000-Regions in North Cyprus


               * Coffee break *



Panel V      Good Practice Examples in the Field of Sustainabiity, Environmental

       Engineering and Nature Conservation


Chair: Prof. Hubert Faustmann, DZF

17:00     Introduction

  Dr. Ulrich Witte, German Foundation for Environment


18:30      Discussion

  Christos Theodorou, Chairman of the Environmental League in the Republic of Cyprus

  N.N. (via Serdar Atai)



Sunday, November 29th


9:30 - 18:00 h


Study trip to a Natura-2000-Region in North Cyprus (Akdeniz or Pentadaktylos)

Guide: Dr. Özge Özden


18:00   End of the Conference




The conference is planned for five days:

26th of November:               Arrival

27th and 28th of Nov.:          Conference

29th of Nov.:                          Study trip

30th of Nov.:                          Departure

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