Heidi Trautmann

612 - 11th Orchid Walk for KAV - Cancer Research Foundation

Colourful Photo impressions


By Heidi Trautmann


Hatice Kerimgil, one of the helpers of the Kanser Araştırma Vakfı / Cancer Research Foundation, has shared many photos with us for those who were not able to participate in the spring event now for the 11th year and I share them with you.

I went to Karşiaka, the village where the many hundreds of walkers arrived after some hours of trekking and I recognised many known faces, Dr. Mustafa Camgöz, the Head of KAV, who has done so much for the association, politicians, artists from the south and the north, people who had come from London to participate, not for the first time.

Rezan Fahrioğlu, the representative for the Foundation, said that at the end she might reach Euro 1000 for as result for the Foundation.  Red was the colour, red for Telsim, red for life, red for passion, red the T-Shirts, most of the walkers were carrying, and red were the balloons everybody carried and were released at the end, taking with them the wish to help those that were in need for help, and money for research for this scourge of mankind.

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