Heidi Trautmann

938: Exhibition following Summer courses for children at EMAA

By Heidi Trautmann
Twice a year the students of EMAA art courses have the chance to see their work displayed to the public for praise and critics and they will get a certificate that they have participated in art education. My compliments go here to the parents who give their children the possibility to develop their skills and imagination and let the children take part in art courses.
Art education is one of the most important means of education in general because it widens perception for everything in life. It teaches us to observe and respect others, to share knowledge and be cooperative, also to make compromises when necessary in order not to hurt others.
EMAA teachers have dedicated their time and love to the education of children and also adults who are prepared to learn about the depth of their own possibilities and to widen their knowledge.
Whenever I visit one of the children’s exhibition I become a child myself, I can feel the fun they had in doing the art projects, this time it was experimenting with ebru and printing in the painting class with Ozan Özgenler and with the ceramic artist Sinem Ertaner making sculptures and forming objects with many different materials.
You can see love and sunshine on the faces of parents and children alike.

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