Heidi Trautmann

5 - The WiA Meeting on Dec 12 at Heidi's place

Women Into Action



A  G  E  N  D  A

12th December 2009, 3pm

Heidi Trautmann’s Residence

Yesiltepe – Elia



1.     Attendance and Apologies


2.     Minutes of Last Meeting


3.     Report regarding the Bulent Ecevit Rehabilitation Centre, Gonyeli and possible actions that WiA can take (Leonie and Tina)


4.     Report about the recent opening of the Cyprus Community Media Centre near the Ledra Palace Hotel (Mirianthi and Jenny)


5.     Hasan Hasturer’s Saturday night TV programme on Genc TV – a discussion on Multiculturism and the Woman’s Movement (Aydin)


6.     Presentation by Heidi Trautmann on her work and upcoming book.  Her involvement with different organizations and her love for painting


7.     Action Plan for the first three months of 2010

-         Publicity – discussion regarding women’s opinions as to when and what publicity Women Into Action should be involved in to begin establishing awareness of the group

-         Planned projects – Nationalism, Women Go Hunting, Creative Writing Workshop etc


8       Agreement on the date of the next meeting


9       Any other business



The December meeting was in a private atmosphere, very warm, and everybody spoke freely about their experiences in life in Cyprus. Women who had come from all over the world to live in Cyprus, Cypriots from Australia, from England, Bulgaria, Greece; there were Greeks from Rhodes or Canada. What they brought on the table of discussion were the problems they were having here; nationalism, racism, no care for environment, unfriendly behaviour.

For me it was the first time to realise that women in the South had the same experiences than those in the North.


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