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287 - AHDR Newsletter –October 2011 - House of Cooperation Nicosia


JAZZ NIGHT (see also under my Culturasl Events)

The Australian High Commission with the support of the AHDR, present an evening of jazz at the Home for Cooperation on 10 November at 19.30.

The concert by 'Chiri Jazz', forms part of the group’s regional tour to celebrate 50 years of Australian and Korean friendship, and includes cities such as Beirut, Ankara and Cairo.“Chiri” is a phenomenon, a meeting of old and new, of East and West, in short, a groundbreaking musical project that will introduce audiences to the astounding performance tradition of pansori, Korea’s classical music theatre. The group brings together Simon Barker (drums) and Scott Tinkler (trumpet), two of Australia’s most highly regarded improvisers, together with Korean pansori artist Bae II Dong, an uncompromising artist of extraordinary power. Be sure not to miss it!


“A look at Our Past – Developing Channels of

Intercultural Communication”

The Council of Europe and the AHDR cordially invite you to a Teacher Training Workshop marking the launch of the trilingual educational pack entitled “A look at our past”- A set of supplementary learning materials for learning and teaching history in schools in Cyprus”, developed by the Council of Europe and the AHDR. During the workshops, educators will have the opportunity to be the first to use the educational pack, as well as working on developing activities and lesson plans on how to integrate this groundbreaking material into their everyday teaching.

Please register by Wednesday 16 November by completing the registration form, which can be found along with the programme on the AHDR website: www.ahdr.info

We look forward to seeing you there!




The AHDR and the Home for Cooperation (H4C) is delighted to announce the opening of the “Cafe4C”.

Based on the ground floor of the Home, this new café being operated by Debbie’s Cookies will further enhance the work of the H4C in revitalizing the Buffer Zone. Open to the public, the café will offer a selection of hot and cold drinks, as well as delicious snacks and of course, a mouth watering selection of Debbie’s cookies products. With free Wi-Fi and a welcoming atmosphere, this café is sure to be the hottest meeting place in town! The trial opening of the Café4C will begin on 1 November, with the grand opening being scheduled for late November.

Watch this space for further details of

the grand opening!

AHDR Newsletter October 2011


A 2-day international conference organized by the AHDR and the PRIO Cyprus Center (PCC) discussed shared spaces and coexistence at the Home for Cooperation (H4C)

A conference entitled “Shared Spaces and their Dissolution: Practices of Coexistence in Cyprus and Elsewhere” which was held on 14 - 15 October 2011 at the H4C hosted over 35 local and international academics from countries such as Greece, Turkey, the UK and US, in a series of simultaneous panels. Reconciliation efforts in Cyprus often refer to a period of “coexistence” before the island’s division, as proof that the various communities of the island have lived together in the past and can therefore live together again. Over 100 participants attended the conference, which aimed to use research on particular shared spaces to examine how everyday cooperative practices may have enabled centuries of cooperation and sharing, as well as how and when such sharing was disrupted. Papers presented at the conference, addressed practices of coexistence in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, the Balkans and Israel/Palestine. This conference is just one of the many important outcomes of the valuable cooperation with the AHDR and PCC.

Main sponsor: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Other sponsors: Chrest Foundation, London School of Economics Research on South Eastern Europe Program, The National Bank of Greece and United Nations Development Program - Action for Cooperation and Trust in Cyprus and FutureTogether.




You may remember from our previous newsletter

that we had scheduled a launch of the AHDR’s

supplementary education materials for 31

October. After some in depth brainstorming, we

have decided to organise this important launch

later in the year, under phase II of the AHDR's

Multiperspectiveity in Dialogue and Education

(MIDE) project, which will begin on 16 November

2011 and is being supported by the UNDP-ACT,

through funding from USAID.

Watch this space for further updates on the

AHDR’s supplementary Educational Materials!


The Board of the AHDR wishes to thank everyone

who has submitted a proposal during our first call

for research ideas and interest. We have received

a good number of proposals with fresh and

interesting ideas for which we are grateful. All

proposals have been given full consideration and

the authors will be contacted when a grant

opportunity arises for which a specific proposal

could possibly be a good match.

We would like to encourage you to keep thinking

about possible new directions, projects and

collaborations with the Association as we continue

to send out open calls for proposals in the future.

For more information as to the Association’s

research vision, please refer to the AHDR

Research Agenda which can be found on the

research section of our website:



Since it opening in May 2011, the H4C has never

been busier, with numerous events and meetings

taking place.

In order to keep our friends up to date with all the

activities taking place at the Home, the AHDR is

currently working on a website specifically for the

H4C, which is due to be launched in December

2011. The website will provide our large network

of friends with a forum in which to really engage

in the work of the H4C.

Our aim is for all our members and friends to grow

with us in our journey on transforming the buffer

zone into a zone of cooperation and we hope our

new website will provide just the platform for this

enriching journey.

In the meantime, to read all the latest AHDR

news, please visit: www.ahdr.info


The AHDR would like to thank all those individuals

who responded to the recent announcement for

vacancies for the following positions at the AHDR:

Project Assistant

Communications Officer

Teacher Trainer Associates

In addition, the AHDR also sought to engage

support for its information technology and

technical needs.

The AHDR were inundated with applications from

highly skilled and talented individuals. We kindly

ask all those who applied for their patience and

understanding whilst we carefully review all

applicants credentials.

AHDR Newsletter October 2011



With its aim of supporting local organisations and

community groups in communicating their

message to a wider audience, the Cyprus

Community Media Centre (CCMC) have made 3

new video blogs of the AHDR!

Two of the videos document both the official

opening of the H4C, as well as the NGO activities,

which took place around the Home as part of the

wider inauguration celebrations.

At present the videos are only available in English,

however Turkish and Greek subtitles will be

available in the near future.

Watch history take place in the buffer zone by

clicking on the links below:

H4C Inauguration weekend:



H4C Official Opening:



In addition, thanks to the kind efforts of CCMC,

the AHDR have a new profile video, which

highlights the main aims and activities of the

AHDR. Click on the link below to view:


It seems incredible that this time last year the

H4C was a work in progress, with constructors

working hard to finish the extensive renovations to

the building.

To review the incredible journey of the H4C from a

derelict house in no man’s land, to a new centre of

learning and dialogue open to all, view the AHDR's

series of H4C webisodes:

"Opening Premise":



"History on the Grill":



"Old Places New Faces": History of a Home:



Feel free to like what you see!

Happy viewing!


Film Festival: With Brand New Eyes /

Screenings for an Island

4, 5 & 6 November 2011 @ the H4C

For the second consecutive year, Culture in

Action is organizing the Documentary & Short

Film Festival "With Brand New Eyes / Screenings

for an Island.” The main objective of the festival

is to revitalize the historic center of Nicosia, as

well as to bring together and promote the work of

filmmakers, who have Cyprus as a common


Admission is free. Screenings will take place at


For further information, please contact: Tonia

Shiamptani +357 99535218/


CMFE 2011 1st Conference and General

Assembly Nicosia, Cyprus hosted by the

Cyprus Community Media Centre

The 1st Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE)

Conference, is being hosted by CCMC between

17-19 November, at multiple venues in

Nicosia's Buffer Zone, including the H4C

For those of you who have yet to register, and for

those who are thinking of attending, please visit


to register your interest in the event.

Please note that, as CCMC members and project

partners, no registration fee applies for your


Conflict Resolutions Seminar

Saturday November 19

H4C Resident NGO, PeacePlayers-Cyprus will

be holding a full session of Anatomy of Peace,

an 8-hour seminar on conflict resolution. The

seminar will be held from 9:00 - 13:00 and 14:00

- 18:00 at the H4C.

The seminar will be led by qualified trainers who

will be discussing the principles of the Anatomy of

Peace, an international conflict resolution

curriculum developed by the Arbinger Institute.

The seminar will be held in English and will be

free to all who are interested.

Please register by 14 November, as spaces are

very limited. To register and for more

information, please contact Marina Vasilara

at 99301586 or

at mvasilara@peaceplayersintl.org.

AHDR Newsletter October 2011



We welcome your old books, ideas, thoughts, lesson plans, photographs, drawings, research findings,

articles, news, links and suggestions at: ahdr.mide@gmail.com



Find out about all the great work that CCMC and

their partners are doing for all communities in

Cyprus, by visiting the CCMC website:



Find out more about the extensive work of the

Council of Europe: http://www.coe.int


Find out everything about EEA and Norway

Grants funding in Central and Southern Europe:



Search projects, find out about educational

material and all the latest news from the

EUROCLIO Board and Secretariat, Members and

Partner Organizations from:



Read all the latest news on the progress of UNDP

- Action for Cooperation and Trust (ACT) and

it’s various initiatives at: www.undp-act.org


The PRIO Cyprus Centre has published a new

PCC Paper entitled:

European Court of Human Rights and the

Cyprus Property Issue:

Charting a Way Forward

By Rhodri Williams and Ayla Gürel

Since 1995, the European Court of Human Rights

has frequently ruled on property claims arising

due to the Cyprus problem. Taken as a whole, the

resulting judgments have served to establish

parameters that should inform any viable

resolution of the Cyprus property issue.

Copies of the publication can be found at the PCC

office in Nicosia. Alternatively please contact:



EUROCLIO are delighted to announce the

19th EUROCLIO Annual Conference and

Professional Training and Development

Course, to be held in Antalya, Turkey on

April 1 - 7 2012.

The conference entitled “Looking at History

through a variety of Lenses” will bring together

200 history educators from all over Europe, the

Mediterranean region and beyond.

Visit the EUROCLIO website for more information

and to register: http://www.euroclio.eu

Alternatively email Maria Kazamiaki at:


HEIRNET 9th International Conference

14 - 17 July 2012

University of Parana, Curitiba, Parana,



Historical Education in the Information,

Communication and Technology Era

Booking form: can be downloaded from

http://www.history.org.uk, HEIRNET link

Contact and information details:

Cherry Dodwell, the conference coordinator


Support the AHDR by registering as a

member and/or renewing your yearly


Your membership is fundamental to the

growth of AHDR and we would like to extend

a personal thank you to everyone that

renewed their AHDR membership and sent

his or her updated contact details.

Should you wish to become a member or

renew your membership, simply visit our

website at www.ahdr.info

Or email us at ahdr.mide@gmail.com /


If you have changed your contact details,

please, remember to send us your updated


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