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31 - Sharing an island - Invite to participate film cast

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 11:06:40 +0200
Subject: Participating in a film documentary in Cyprus
From: sharinganisland@gmail.com
To: tina1723@hotmail.com

Informal youth group 'Sharing an Island' consisting of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot filmmakers, musicians and sociologists, together with the support of the Engage -Do your Part for Peace Project and the Cyprus Network for youth development are preparing a documentary entitled 'Sharing an Island'. This documentary is supported by UNDP – United Nations Development Programme, Action for Cooperation and Trust.
The film records the journey of six young Cypriots- three Turkish Cypriots and three Greek Cypriots- across Cyprus in an attempt to explore the historical, ethnic, cultural, and religious identities of each community. The film will bring together young people from opposing political views and various social backgrounds in an attempt for dialogue. Some of the participants may have never been in contact with a member of the opposite community in the past. All accommodation, transportation and food is free for the participants. 
The young Cypriots, aged between 20 to 30 years, will be asked to freely express their personal views about their perception of the other community before, during and after the journey. They would also express if and how they see themselves in a re-unified Cyprus and how the political situation in Cyprus affects their own personal lives and their future. Every different opinion will be fairly treated in the film and the young Cypriots will be asked to support their views with strong arguments.
Please note that the research for this film and its production are not being manipulated by any political party.
We are looking for young Cypriots aged 20-30 years old to participate in the film. Free transportation, free accommodation and free food and drinks will be offered to the participants. To apply, please send us an email with your contact details at: ‘sharinganisland@gmail.com or contact Rahme on +90 5338858041. 

Upon completion, the film will be screened at private theatres and cinemas in Cyprus at special screening events, followed by discussion panels. It will also participate in film festivals in Cyprus and abroad. The dvd of the film will be made available for use by organizations and individuals that promote peace in Cyprus while after its official premiere it will be streamed on the most popular social media networks online, like ‘youtube’. The film may be broadcast on television, following a relevant agreement.

Informal youth group 'Sharing an Island'

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