Heidi Trautmann

774: Altı Renk – Six Colours – Six Variations - Şenol Özdevrim and his artist friends

By Heidi Trautmann


I call him the painter of the Universe. When you look at his paintings you get the feeling that his thoughts are sent out on the lookout for new worlds. Şenol Özdevrim is an art teacher at the Girne American College and the kids love him because he teaches them freedom of thought and helps them to develop their imagination. Many years ago I did an interview with him and I saw many of his exhibitions over the years and I also visited him at the College in the classroom where all kind of fantastic projects were stored on shelves to be continued during the next class by the children.

We came a little early and caught the six participants of the exhibition still at work, hanging the last paintings, fixing cables to ceramic lamp shades and sculptures, even a mermaid got electrified. I got them altogether and they explained to me what had brought them together. Besides Şenol, there are Evşen Emre, Inan Tasçı, Özlem Ekinci, Ayça Akarçan and Gözen Vural. They are an active and regular working group and meet at the studio of one of them, i.e. Evşen Emre. Except Şenol and Ayça Akarçan, they have all studied something else, one dıd literature, the other chemistry. Ayça had studied Fine Arts at the Near East University, if I remember well, with Eser Keceçi. I saw her first exhibition outside the university in 2011.  

They told me that somehow they were not quite satisfied with what they were doing so they started to paint and/or doing ceramic courses with the Ceramists Association and also with Ayhatun Ateşin. The wish to create something brought them together and as Şenol is the oldest and by far with the longest experience in teaching art, they declare him in front of me as their leader.  That was a good choice.

Şenol explains to me: “I am interested to see other professions join our group because they will bring new visions, new life, different opinions and that will give colour to our work, we will influence each other.”

I agree with him there, working together, exchanging ideas, is the best way to learn and develop and perhaps find a new way to one’s personality.

Şenol continues: “We are now six people working together, perhaps more can join us, the more the better, a movement, that would make me happy”.

The exhibition is very colourful, full of fantasy, no limitations, everything permitted. There are also some very nice ceramic pieces exhibited.  However, showing the photos here on website or facebook cannot give you the proper dimension and impression. You should go there yourself and perhaps get some ideas for yourself.

The exhibition is open until May 16. Viewing times are

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 08:00 – 15:00 hrs and on Thursday: 08:00 – 18:00 hrs.


Here is a link to Şenol’s last exhibition at the same place:


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