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81 - Letter of thank you by the Tulips Angels – Help Those with Cancer Association



Our first thanks go to Evie and Gordon Cox:

A truly wonderful supporter to Tulips, Evelyn Cox aka Evie, sadly passed away from cancer of the Oesophagus on 31st May 2013.

Both Evie and Gordon, of Lapta, regularly attended Friends Line Dancing events as Evie loved to dance the night away, they also attended all the local markets and could be found hunting out new authors and books as they were both avid readers of crime and mystery books.

On behalf of Help Those With Cancer Association/Tulips we would like say a special thank you to Gordon who insisted that any donations should be made to Tulips in Evie’s memory. 

We also would like to thank all family and friends who gave so generously not only at Evie’s funeral but also all the friends that attended the Tuesday Quiz Night last week at Karsiyaka Park and donated all their prize money. The total sum raised in memory of Evie was 1,501.85tl – thank you to everyone who contributed."


Another thank you to the Foreign Nationals:

We are pleased to tell you that the Concert held by the Foreign Nationals at the Jasmine Court on Saturday 8 June, in support of Tulips raised via ticket sales (5tl per ticket) 1,385tl and the total collected in the charity boxes on the night was 617tl, making a great total of 2,002TL.  This was a great amount from an extremely fantastic evening and the Association would like to thank the boys for their support and for a great evening.

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