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52 - Dark Shadows – Dance Show by Dance of Cyprus

The amphitheatre of Kyrenia – a very welcome contribution now in its second year open to the public, is now being regularly used for big stage events. And, it is a counterbalance to the antique theatre in Salamis ruins for us living on the north side of the Kyrenia mountain range. I often say to my friends: Why does the Municipality of Kyrenia not use it more often, for example for open air cinema? But these are dreams, perhaps they come true one day.

On the evening of July 28 – it’s been one of those extremely hot days and we were really looking forward to sit in the arena with a cool breeze from the sea – my husband and I went to the Dance of Cyprus Show I have been keeping a watchful eye on for years now for their further development. (See under Cultural events for the interview with Tanju Hastunc).

The arena was more than half empty, perhaps due to the 20 July festivities when another famous dance group from Turkey had met with a full house.

Tanju Hastunc, the director of Dance of Cyprus welcomed the guests sharp 9 pm, very unusual for Cyprus. The dancers were getting nervous behind the black curtain as I could see from the many shadows moving and exercising their dance steps. The stage scenery black and sinister adapted to the sinister theme of drugs. Black coffins standing upright in a semi circle.


In the first scene we are introduced into the black atmosphere of drug addicts clad in black with faces painted in black patterns moving and dancing absurdly with their god like leader – the drug dealer – stepping out of one of the coffins and distributing the goodies. Happiness all over. Into this scene comes a beautiful and innocent girl looking for friends and entertainment and yavas yavas she is being introduced into the drug scene. Her behavior changes dramatically. Her mother can’t help her, nor the hospital treatment. She and her friends become deeper and deeper involved and at the end meet with death.

There were some good dance sequences, the young cast mostly amateurs gave all their enthusiasm and sincerity, good expressive body language. Folk dance elements were shining through as well as acrobatic exercises mixed with modern concepts. It could have done with a more rigid choreography. The music by Can Atila throughout the seven scenes was very good and supported the dramatic build-up of the dance show.

A good try to present us the consequences of drug taking, well done! The cast were helped along and advised by experts of the Narcotic Department.


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