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637 - CHEAPART Movement – 4th Exhibition in Limassol April 25-May 10, 2014

A movement to promote new trends and ideas at affordable prices


By Heidi Trautmann


When I learnt about CHEAPART I said to myself: A step into the right direction. The artists don’t exhibit for themselves with always the same elitist audience, but step down and try to approach the general art-appreciating public.

What I learnt, according to Georgia Michaelides, who participated in the exhibition, is the following:

“The international network of visual art exhibitions CHEAPART travels for the fourth consecutive year to Limassol, Cyprus. The aim of these exhibitions is to promote contemporary art and to expand the art market by introducing low prices so that the works will be affordable to the general art – appreciating public.

CHEAPART is an artistic movement that started in Greece 19 years ago. Since then it has developed an important work of promoting new trends and ideas. Through its initial design, “The Organization of Cheap but Valuable Art ” it came into contact with a wide public of 60,000 people which was quite impressive .

CHEAPART is an open place for artistic experimenting and research. From the beginning one of its main subjects – the price of the artistic work played an important role in establishing a relation with the public.

The organizing of the exhibition CHEAPART 2014 Limassol is undertaken by George Georgakopoulos and Dimitris Georgakopoulos (CHEAPART) and Tasos Stylianou (PENINDAPLINENA Gallery).

For more information : CHEAPART (Chalandri): 210 6833620 Tue – Sat 14:00-21:00 office@cheapart.gr

PENINDAPLINENA : Tasos Stylianou 00357-99522977 tassos@penindaplinena.com


The opening evening on 25 April at the Zacharias Gallery in Limassol was chock-a-block full as you can see from the pictures. The art works are small size, and as Georgia told me, all her small flower paintings have gone.

That is an idea worthwhile following up or even joining the club: good art by professionals but at an affordable format.

The exhibition is still open until May 10. Get in touch with one of the organisers and pay a visit.

PS: I got a response to the article from one of the organisers, Tasos who said that for next year he would gladly invite Turkish Cypriot artists as well. That is nice news!


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