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262 - A place to pray about our pain at the Emaa Art Centre - the exhibition finishes on Jul 14


By Heidi Trautmann


A summer workshop, an exhibition at short notice. One morning we met there, Ismet Tatar, Inci Kansu, Özgül Ezgin and a small girl and her grandfather to look at the Chronicle of a Summer exhibition.

Young Hasan Zeybek - I have reported on his ideas and projects before more than once - is very engaged with the traditions, symbols of his country, his island. He built up the apsis of a basilica in the exhibition hall using tiles, clay tiles, an apsis, a room you can stand and move in. in the niches paintings of his arcadia, the paradise of his dreams, of all our dreams. In the thus created darkness of the space he has lighted candles to give the room a serene atmosphere where you can assemble and talk about your pain. An unusual manifest.


Another remarkable presentation are slides of a very long ago Cyprus, found and shown on an equally slide machine by Sinem Ertaner. The other members of the workshop and exhibition are mentioned on the poster, please click to read. The display of the basilica apsis threw an enormous shadow on the other works so I must confess that I do not really remember my reaction to them because they were modest graphic works and installations.


What I do remember was the little girl sitting among all the works displayed and I wondered what her future will be, perhaps one day displaying her own work, growing up with the ever present interpretations of her island by her grandparents and their friends?



I have here a press release which would give a closer look on the background of the workshop. Heidi


Workshop Participants: Elena Christou, Sinem Ertaner, Doğuş Kozal, Athina Kyprianidi, Katerina Neophytidou, Hasan Zeybek

Workshop guest speakers: Michalis Georgiadis, Film Director, Dr. Antonis Hadjikyriacou, Researcher- Association for Historical Dialogue and Research, Christina Lambrou, Politis Newspaper, University of Nicosia, Maria Loizidou, artist, member AA&U, visiting professor, University of Cyprus, Anna Marangou, Archeologist/Art Historian, Kyriakos Pachoulides, President- Association for Historical Dialogue and Research, Socrates Stratis, Dr. architect, urbanist, Assistant professor, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus, Constantinos Taliotis, artist.

The European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) and its co-partner the Cyprus Chamber of Fine arts (EKATE) are hosting the third contemporary art course, organised within the framework of the EU Grant Civil Society Strengthening Programme.

The workshop, held between 24th to 30th of June 2011 and run by curator and Athens Biennale co-director, Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, took the form of a

laboratory focusing on the collection of fables, oral histories, customs, daily routines, personal mythologies and artifacts. Participating artists were asked to "excavate" and collect material by digging in the folk and popular archaeology of Cyprus and discuss the connotations of its original place of creation, the role of the senses and emotions in human life, our experience of time and duration, and the relations between human beings and their immediate environments. The workshop included daily presentations by external guest speakers who presented their work and acted both as advisors and commentators on the process.

The end-result of this workshop is an exhibition titled "Chronicle of a Summer" presenting new work made during the workshop by the six participants (Elena Christou, Sinem Ertaner, Doğuş Kozal, Athina Kyprianidi, Katerina Neophytidou, Hasan Zeybek). Rather than attempting to present objective or comprehensive views of history, their works create narratives that offer subjective, selective, and individualistic reports.

The exhibition will be held at EMAA Capital Art Centre everyday from Tuesday to Friday between 10:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:00 until the 14th of July.

Hasan Zeybek recording his work
Hasan Zeybek recording his work

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